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BESPOKE SPECIALIST DESIGN CONCEPT 1 – Traditional “Cone Speaker Shaped Stage”– Visible In Space!

A unique live stage and entertainment environment for Dubai. This fusion of state of the art technology, unique industrial design and dynamic visual effects offers a game changing and world class development.
The stage delivers a perfect location to host world class DJ events, appearances, shows and performance events as well as cinema and film screenings under the stars.
The design features, technological implementation and styling extend across a world class venue with a distributed audio and lighting network that includes development of a satellite stage in the garden, revision of interior sound and light to match the overall design concept and delivery and balanced coverage across the whole beach area - even at low levels for background music.

The unique features of this “Cone Speaker Shaped Stage” design concept include:
 DJ platform formed of glass and steel that appears to “float” above the stage.
 Customized VOID Acoustics Trinity system
 3D mapped video screens that enclose the live performance
 Custom color finishes on all moving lights and speakers - no dull black boxes
 Concrete Bass Trap stage system to dampen backfill sound waves
 Canopy loading for acrobatic performance
 Energy efficient and low maintenance technology choices
 Integrated power distribution and flexible, expandable infrastructure
 Dynamic visual effects including strobes, lasers, fire and CO2 Jets
 Additional rigging points and flexibility to include cinema screens and more.

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